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Summer Associates


How long is the summer program?

The 2014 Summer Program is a ten week program. We expect the 2015 Summer Program to also be 10 weeks.

Do I need a technical degree?

A technical degree is required for most but not all of our practice groups. Some practice groups require advanced degrees in specific areas. It is best to inquire with our Recruiting Department about your qualifications.

Do you hire 1Ls and 3Ls?

The core of our Summer Program is 2Ls; however, we do hire 1Ls on occasion with the hope that he/she will transition to Student Associate at the conclusion of the program. We hire 3Ls for fall associate positions to supplement the previous year's hires.

Will I have a mentor?

Each summer associate is assigned a point person and buddy.  A point person is typically a senior level associate responsible for regulating workload and providing guidance throughout the program.  A buddy is a junior associate, usually a former summer associate, who helps acclimate you to the firm and answer any questions you may have.

How are assignments distributed?

Projects are assigned through an online work allocation system. Timekeepers from across the firm submit assignments.  Each summer associate's point person helps manage their workload by accepting or declining the assignment on behalf of the summer associate. 

Will I be able to work on both prosecution and litigation projects?

Summer associates are hired into specific practice groups but often have the opportunity to try assignments from attorneys in other practice groups. Since much of our work is technical, it will depend on each summer associate's qualifications.

Am I assigned to a particular group?

Yes, summer associates are hired into particular groups – Electrical (including Computer Science), Biotech (including Chemical), Mechanical, and Litigation. Hiring decisions lay at the practice group level, and there is opportunity for cross-group assignments.  Example:  if you are hired into the Electrical group, you can work on Litigation projects as well.

What type of training will I receive?

Summer associates receive a full week of training in IP prosecution and litigation by experienced practitioners before ever taking an assignment. Equally as important, summer associates attend weekly practice group lunches where substantive topics are discussed, and are expected to attend other trainings available at the firm throughout the summer. 

How and when will I be evaluated?

Each assignment delivered through the work allocation system is connected to a project evaluation form to promote constant feedback.  Additionally, your point person will conduct formal evaluations during the middle and end of the program.

Is there a social component to the program?

Of course! We work hard, but we play hard. Each winter, we survey our incoming summer class about events and activities of interest, and plan the program accordingly. Additionally, there are firm-wide events, which have previously included an ice cream social, crab feast, and Nationals game.

What is the compensation for summer associates?

In 2014, 2Ls will make $3100 and 1Ls will make $2900.

Can I split a summer?

We do not allow split summers for 2Ls; however, if you are a 1L with us, we have a policy regarding splitting during the 2L summer.

What is the dress code?

We are business casual Monday-Thursday and casual on Friday.  Most summer events will encourage casual attire.


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