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Dr. Gallo is an associate in the Litigation Group and concentrates his practice in the area of patent litigation, including matters before federal district courts and the United States International Trade Commission.  He has been heavily involved in all aspects of litigation, from pre-filing investigation, through fact and expert-witness discovery, claim-construction, and trial.  Dr. Gallo also has experience in patent reexaminations and in inter partes review proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board at the USPTO.  His areas of technical expertise include genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and cellular biology.

Dr. Gallo is a contributing author of Patent Office Litigation, Second Edition, published in 2017, the book provides a fresh and comprehensive exploration of patent office litigation proceedings, including how the proceedings interact with other aspects of patent procurement and enforcement, while delivering practical analysis and advice.

Prior to joining the firm, Dr. Gallo worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he investigated the role of RNA-protein complexes in regulating fertility and cell fate specification in the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans.  Dr. Gallo's research involved both fixed and live imaging techniques, as well as the biochemical isolation and purification of RNA-protein complexes. Dr. Gallo's doctoral research focused on the role of nicotinamide in regulating gene silencing and lifespan in yeast. 

Technical Publications

Christopher M. Gallo, Jennifer T. Wang, Fumio Motegi, and Geraldine Seydoux. (2010) "Cytoplasmic partitioning of P granule components is not required to specify the germline in C. elegans" Science. 330(6011): 1685-1689.

Christopher M. Gallo, Edwin Munro, Dominique Rasoloson, Christopher Merritt, and Geraldine Seydoux. (2008) "Processing bodies and germ granules are distinct RNA granules that interact in C. elegans embryos" Dev. Biol. 323(1):76-87.

Julie M. McClure, Christopher M. Gallo, Daniel L. Smith, Jr., Mirela Matecic, Robert D. Hontz, Stephen W. Buck, Frances G. Racette, and Jeffrey S. Smith. (2008) "Pnc1p-mediated nicotinamide clearance modifies the epigenetic properties of rDNA silencing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae" Genetics. 180(2):797-810.

Molly C. Jud, Michael J. Czerwinski, Megan P. Wood, Rachel A. Young, Christopher M. Gallo, Jeremy S. Bickel, Emily L. Petty, Jennifer M. Mason, Brent A. Little, Pamela A. Padilla and Jennifer A. Schisa. (2008) "Large P body-like RNPs form in C. elegans oocytes in response to arrested ovulation, heat shock, osmotic stress, and anoxia and are regulated by the major sperm protein pathway" Dev. Biol. 318(1): 38-51.

Christopher M. Gallo and Geraldine Seydoux. (2006) "Toti 'potent' repressors" Bioessays. 28(9): 865-867.

Steven W. Buck, Christopher M. Gallo, and Jeffrey S. Smith. (2004) "Diversity in the Sir2 family of protein deacetylases" J. Leukoc. Biol.  75(6): 939-950.

Christopher M. Gallo, Daniel L. Smith, Jr., and Jeffrey S. Smith. (2004) "Nicotinamide clearance by Pnc1 directly regulates Sir2-mediated silencing and longevity" Mol. Cell. Biol.  24(3): 1301-1312.

Joseph J. Sandmeier, Sarah French, Yvonne Osheim, Wang L. Cheung, Christopher M. Gallo, Ann L. Beyer, and Jeffrey S. Smith. (2002) "RPD3 is required for the inactivation of yeast ribosomal DNA genes in stationary phase" EMBO J. 21(18): 4959-4968.

Tiffany A. Melhuish, Christopher M. Gallo, and David Wotton. (2001) "TGIF2 interacts with histone deacetylase 1 and represses transcription" J. Biol. Chem. 276(34):32109-32114.

  • Admissions
      • Maryland

      • United States Patent and Trademark Office

      • District of Columbia

  • Education
    • J.D., The George Washington University

    • Ph.D., Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, University of Virginia

    • B.S., Biology, Pennsylvania State University


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