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Dr. Holman is an associate in the Biotechnology/Chemical group.  He has extensive experience in inter partes review proceedings and in the preparation and prosecution of U.S. and foreign patent applications. Dr. Holman’s technical expertise is in the areas of immunology, microbiology, and molecular biology.

Dr. Holman performed his graduate research under the tutelage of Dr. James Norris at the Medical University of South Carolina.  His academic research focused on the characterization and use of small molecule inhibitors of ceramide metabolism for treatment of prostate cancer.  He also explored the synergistic anti-cancer activity of these small molecules when combined with viral vector gene therapies.   

After completing his doctoral research, Dr. Holman entered the private sector, where he worked for two different start-up companies. His research efforts were in developing novel vaccines for infectious diseases and peptide therapeutics for certain illnesses. During his time in the private sector, Dr. Holman worked as a scientist during the day and attended law classes at night.  Dr. Holman has authored or co-authored 19 peer-reviewed scientific publications and three book chapters.  He also served as adjunct professor of biology at the College of Charleston.

Immediately prior to joining the firm, Dr. Holman served as the Technology Development Officer in the technology transfer office of a medical university.  There, he assisted and advised faculty in protecting and commercializing university intellectual property.  He also assisted in preparation and execution of confidential disclosure agreements, licensing/option agreements, and material transfer agreements.  

Dr. Holman is also a contributing author of Patent Office Litigation, Second Edition, published in 2017 by Thomson Reuters Westlaw, the book provides a fresh and comprehensive exploration of patent office litigation proceedings, including how the proceedings interact with other aspects of patent procurement and enforcement, while delivering practical analysis and advice.


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Scientific Publications

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  • Education
      • J.D., Charleston School of Law magna cum laude
      • Ph.D., Microbiology and Immunology, Medical University of South Carolina
      • B.S., Microbiology, Clemson University cum laude

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