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Medical Devices

Increasing life expectancies and the needs of patients, doctors and hospitals are driving continued innovation in the increasingly global medical device market.  Innovation is accelerating and revolutionizing medical treatments.  Smart technologies that integrate engineering and biology are emerging and fields such as nanotechnology are being integrated in medical device product development.

With so much change on the horizon, a comprehensive IP strategy is critical for companies innovating in this sector.  Your IP strategy must take into account the interplay between the FDA approval process and the patent process.  We are keenly aware of the issues that can arise and work to ensure that statements made in your FDA filings will not affect your IP protection.

Rapid changes in this industry can also bring product lifecycle management challenges.  We understand the issues and importance of considering product lifecycle in developing an appropriate IP strategy.

By teaming with your business executives, in-house counsel and inventors, and staying abreast of new developments in the medical supply and device industry, we provide effective counsel on IP strategy and deal negotiation that enables you to achieve your strategic corporate goals. 

Why Sterne Kessler?

We speak your language.  With more than 50 Ph.D.s on staff, we have technical experience  in scientific and technological disciplines, including biomedical, mechanical and materials science engineering, and polymer and organic chemistry.  We represent companies, including three of the Global Top Twenty, working in a variety of areas including: 

  • Cardiovascular Devices (including Catheters and Stents)
  • Cardiac Rhythm Treatment Methods
  • Pacemakers and Defibrillators
  • Peripheral Vascular Devices
  • Neurovascular Treatment Methods
  • Devices for Preserving Neural Pathways
  • Syringes and Needle Assemblies
  • Auto-injection Devices
  • Surgical Gloves
  • Inhalers
  • Insulin Delivery Devices
  • Tracheotomy Tubes
  • Cervical Caps
  • Incontinence and Impotence Treatments
  • Circadian Phase Modification
  • Surgical Supports
  • Diagnostic Systems
  • Diagnostic Kits and Reagents
  • Hematology Instruments
  • Sleep Quality Testing Instruments

Our experience includes drafting and prosecuting patent applications, conducting interviews with patent examiners, negotiating licenses, enforcing patent rights in district court and ITC litigation, providing opinions on infringement, validity and patentability, creating company-wide IP guidelines, conducting IP audits, conducting IP due diligence investigations, assessing IP valuation and providing international protection strategy.

(3) Sterne Kessler Welcomes Litigators John Christopher Rozendaal & Michael Joffre to the Firm

Sterne Kessler Welcomes Litigators John Christopher Rozendaal & Michael Joffre to the Firm
A Case Study:

Sterne Kessler Welcomes Litigators John Christopher Rozendaal & Michael Joffre to the Firm

Sterne Kessler is pleased to announce that John Christopher (J.C.) Rozendaal and Michael Joffre have joined the firm as directors.


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